Dear Starr Computer Solutions Customer,

We are Excited to announce that IdeaTek recently acquired wireless internet services from Starr Computer Solutions. In the coming months, IdeaTek will begin extensive upgrades to Starr’s wireless internet towers and infrastructure — continuing to bring you fast and reliable service to your home and business.

The acquisition only includes Starr’s wireless internet services. All other services will remain with Starr. Starr Computer Solutions will continue to provide customers with the same quality products and services as we have in the past.

The IdeaTek billing portal — — is available for former Starr customers to create their billing accounts and set up their payment options. We are moving your balance from the November invoice from Starr to IdeaTek, and you will receive your first bill as an IdeaTek customer on your normal billing date. If you had an unpaid balance from your November invoice as of the data migration date, that amount will be reflected in addition to the new current charges as an IdeaTek customer. 

IdeaTek’s billing portal allows you to manage your account from anywhere, at any time. 

  • Review invoices.
  • Submit and view service tickets.
  • Manage your payment method. You can make credit card and ACH payments with no convenience fees. Or, set up payments to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

Please call IdeaTek’s Customer Experience Team for questions at 855-433-2835 or email To learn more about IdeaTek, visit Our team at Starr has enjoyed providing you with internet options over the years and we look forward to serving your needs through our other products and services